Do You Love Yourself?


February, the month of love. There is fear or there is love.  Love is just as important and special every moment and every month. It can also hurt. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. “I love you”what does it mean? You care about them, you have feelings for them and they are important and special to you? Maybe you want the best for them. Do you “need ” them? Do you show and give love when you want something in return? Do you think love is 50-50, where the other person will have their needs met when yours are? Do you pull  your love away from others when you get angry and hurt? How about the other way around? What experiences do you have with giving and receiving love? Selfish, conditional, or unconditional?

There are THREE levels of Love:

Selfish Love:

Conditional Love:

Unconditional Love:

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Doing for yourself and loving yourself first can cause feelings of guilt for some of us. It feels good to care for and help others.  There’s so much love to give, however relationships often fail because we don’t love ourselves enough. Think of the airplane example, we are told to put oxygen masks on ourselves first, before our loved ones or others. We cannot properly love or take care of others  if we don’t love and care for ourselves first.  Imagine some of those voices in your head that say “oh, I’m so stupid” I could never do that” I am not good enough, thin enough, tall enough ect..” We would go to jail for talking to others the way we talk to ourselves.” Conditional love does NOT mean tolerating poor emotional or physical behavior. When you love and value yourself, you don’t come from a place of need. You know how to meet your own needs, therefor setting healthy boundaries.

I challenge you to practice telling yourself…

“I LOVE YOU” in the mirror 3 times  each time before or after you brush our teeth. Yes, to yourself and your body, just the way you are!

Accept ALL of yourself, it comes from within! Many of us are not taught self love, so we try to seek it from outside sources.

LOVE: An intense feeling of deep satisfaction

Quote: The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself

Resourse:  Relax You’re Already Perfect   ….. by Bruce D. Schneider PH.D