Embodiment practices use the body as a tool for healing through self-awareness, mindfulness, connection, self-regulation, finding balance, and creating self-acceptance.

Embodiment explores the relationship between our physical being and our energy stepping into your full expression.



Embodiment practices fall under the umbrella of somatic psychology.


Yoga is a great place to start experiencing embodiment. During a yoga practice we are focusing on improving our awareness of physical sensations and how our body might respond to different situations.  Music and movement through this video and practice for meaning spiritual practice. When you talk about embodiment, you’re talking about giving a form to ideas that are usually not physical: like love, hate, fear, justice, etc. A gavel is the embodiment of justice; a wedding ring can be the embodiment of love. The word body in embodiment is a clue to its meaning: this is a word for giving a body to things that usually don’t have one.

This is a great video to practice after breathwork.

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