Breathwork is currently the most popular healing modality.

This profound and powerful experience can only be comprehended through your own unique and personal experience. This experiential practice and self-healing modality employs conscious, connected breathing to access expanded states of consciousness while also releasing repressed emotions and clearing stored and stagnant energy from the mind, body, and spirit.

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Breakthrough Breathwork is a breathing technique that will clear out stored negative emotional stress from your body, allowing you to feel the release in the first session for daily, weekly, or even life transformation.

It’s a powerful and safe approach to self-discovery and personal empowerment that allows you to connect with your inner wisdom and higher states of consciousness. This Breathwork technique is done while lying on your back in a relaxed position. In the background, music will be played to help motivate, relax, and release any trapped emotions. This will help eliminate stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and pretty much any other unwanted negative emotion. You’ll know it’s working the first time you do it because the way you feel afterwards is undeniable.

What you may experience

Deep healing of wounds, grief, and traumas
Access to expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity.
Transcendence of the mind and emotions; awakening to the truth of who you really are.
Release of toxins from the cells of the body
Mystical revelations
Immediate stress and anxiety relief greater self-love and more loving relationships
Emotional Balance
Relief from physical pain
Increased connection to source
Overwhelming feelings of joy
Deep inner peace
Feelings of connectedness

Breathwork Experiences

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Why is Corporate Breathwork Necessary?

Stress is the answer. We all have it, and the places that contribute to it are our homes and workplaces. No matter what profession you have or what you do, all businesses have stressful features, but with the advancement of technology, the workday has been extended into our homes, creating a daily environment of high stress. Breathwork is the ideal instrument for alleviating some of that tension and not just eliciting improved performance from your staff, but also for establishing a link that motivates them to perform better and work more cohesively as a team.

Breathwork’s numerous benefits will also provide you a creative edge over your competition, as stress reduction results in increased energy and room for creativity, which results in better thinking and stronger focus. It’s a shortcut to working more efficiently.

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Private Yoga Sessions

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Yogic sleep, is a highly beneficial guided meditation.


Embodiment practices use the body as a tool for healing through self-awareness, mindfulness, connection, self-regulation, finding balance, and creating self-acceptance.

Wedding Day Yoga

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Online Yoga Classes

Community and accountability from the comfort of your home. A spiritual practice and power hour for your mind, body, and soul from my heart and home to yours.

You are more powerful
than you know

When you change your breath, you change your life. Breathwork is top in health and wellness, because the results are undeniable. It’s an essential way to release stress that is stuck in your body to elevate your life, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.   You have the power within to heal and transform your life!