Meet Sonya

Sonya is a Breathwork, Master Energy and Emotional Healing Practitioner, and Professional Life Coach who assists people in realizing their full potential by transforming pain to power, peace, passion, and purpose.

about Sonya

minister, mentor, speaker, author

Sonya‘s extensive training includes  Breathwork facilitator, Pranayama and Yoga teacher, Spiritual Wedding and Funeral Officiant and Mentor. She is a Professional Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) and Reiki Master,    Robbins and Madanes Counseling Interventionist, Master Energy Leadership Practitioner as well as a Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner.  

She is an ardent Aries, and as an INFJ, she is a true advocate for the therapeutic and self-healing use of breathing. It is one of her life’s passions to spread the word about the power of your natural resource, your breath. When you alter your breath, you elevate your life, and it is my mission to share this transformative experience with people all around the world.

her Experience

Healer, Coach, Survivor

 She is an ultramarathon trail runner who enjoys hiking, traveling, meditation, yoga, and writing her book on her front porch swing. She is your Healing and Spiritual Coach when you need a safe place to overcome challenges, reconnect with your strength and power, restore relationships and rediscover your heart and soul, leading you to a life full of love and fulfillment.

She began her health and wellness journey 15 years ago, after going through her own trials and tribulations. It began after her divorce, with self-love and self-care, holistic self-healing from death, heartbreak, and disease, to break the co-dependency cycle back to wholeness. She made a new life for herself by designing a peaceful home, a fulfilling freedom lifestyle, and proudly raising three children who are now adults. Two children are active in the military and one is in college. Military families are near and dear to her heart, so please ask about the military discount.

"We all have two choices:
we can make a living or
we can design a life.”

~ Jim Rohn