Why is there so much pain?

Make it stop! Who enjoys pain? I know I sure don’t, and my survival instincts would kick in faster than I could say go. You are wired to want to avoid pain, it’s actually not so much about seeking pleasure as is it to avoid and run away from the pain,  or numb or hide. Fight or flight is meant to protect you and keep you alive and safe, however, most of your stresses are not life or death. Change and uncertainty do not always mean you are not safe. In an attempt to avoid feeling discomfort or pain we distract ourselves even when it costs us our goals, values, health, and relationships.

You can become addicted to painful emotions, and the world is full of distractions. Of course the phone and computer, however, if you are blaming the big corporations and devices, then you’re not taking responsibility for your actions. Distractions have always been here and are not going away.  Sugar, food, television, calling people, sex, drugs, alcohol, well alcohol is a drug, there will always be distractions to not feel.  You can overdo anything or become obsessed with anything. The root of the problem is the feeling that takes place prior to the distraction.

It’s sabotaging you from reaching new heights to feel and experience love, connection peace, freedom, and joy!  Pain is inevitable, whether it’s emotional or physical the pain is a message for you. The question is how loud does it have to become before you listen? I know it sure as hell doesn’t feel like a gift., and pain doesn’t show it’s head wrapped in a bow or with adorable big eyes, it comes in hard, sometimes knocking your ass to the ground, turning you upside down or inside out. I remember rocking uncontrollably on the couch in a fetal position in complete powerlessness. It can feel as if someone ripped your heart out, threw it on the ground to burn before stepping all over it before putting the fire out. The list goes on and on and on. We all experience pain, but why?

Well, would you go seeking to disrupt your flow of life on your own? Not intentionally, never would I have asked to go through rock bottom and dark night of the soul. No way in hell! I must admit though, every struggle became my strength. The saying “no pain, no gain” goes beyond the physical. It applies to emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. I found my superpowers to heal myself and soar to new heights. Pain has a purpose, just as you do too. It’s about what you do in the space, do you allow yourself to feel it to get through it or avoid it at ALL costs? When I was stuck in the rearview mirror, and life isn’t going that way, it was costing me a lot and in order to heal, I needed to feel. You don’t have to do it alone!

The world as you knew it no longer exists, it’s the fall of what was and rebirth to something new and greater. We were dying out as a society and causing harm to the universe as well.

You are not crazy, but your mind is. Chronic physical pain is a symptom of emotional pain and unhealed trauma. Emotions are energy in motion, and stuck emotions become energy stuck in our body. Are you sitting down? What you are about to hear may come as a shock to what you’ve been told and your current belief system. Unforgiveness to others who have caused you pain or to yourself for the pain you have caused others is always behind cancer. Prevention is mental and emotional health. This constant stress of being in flight or flight turns your good genes off, your past affects your biology. We are human and we have all caused pain to others and without healing, you cause more pain to yourself. It can cost you, your health, your goals, and much more. There are 11 other healing categories besides unforgiveness.  Subscribe to this blog and receive that list as a free gift.

This pain is here to teach you, I do not wish it on anyone, however, if you take forward steps to your healing journey, you can stop staring in the rearview mirror, because there is no past other than the stored memories at a cellular level. There is now, time of healing the heart of the struggle, it becomes your strength, and your power, you discover your authentic self, your passions and live with purpose! I did not go knocking on doors asking for the painful experiences I went through, they did all happen for me though. The falls of the world as you knew it may be causing some intense pain to the surface because of the fast-evolving paradigm shift to self-development and study to raise your consciousness and transform from surviving to thriving!

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I believe in you!

You are loved, and never alone

Love, light, and healing