When Our World Turns In a Blink

Who knew our world could change so quickly? I sure did, this wasn’t a foreign concept to me or many others. If you’d been through a divorce, a disease, a crisis, or a tragic death and loss, as a result, well your world was turned upside down in a blink of an eye too.

These reminders of how life can change overnight are around us every day. This pandemic of course has brought growth, healing, and evolution to the fast track. There is very little you do have control over, yet you do create your own reality. You can discover the other choices that have always been available to you. True safety actually came from letting go of control.

Before I began my healing and spiritual journey, I was stressed out to the max, you could make a wig with the amount of my hair that covered the bathroom floor and drain each day. Change and uncertainty were like crazy gluing me to my survival instincts causing me to try to control everything around me rather than what I could control, therefore getting sick, and nothing seemed to be going my way.

One minute I was a wife and a mom in a family of 5 with a steady paycheck. I was a caregiver, I took care of the home the children, pets, errands,  and my husband. Notice, I didn’t say myself. Self-love and care, hmm I had never heard of that. Anyway, the next day, I was a single mom, uneducated, with 3 young children, 3 pets, and no job, or income. I felt as if I was hung upside down, my legs were tied with no escape, I was scared, alone, and lost. I didn’t know why or how for a very long time until I stepped into my power.

I could only see 1 perspective and it was anything but pretty since I only knew what I knew after all, and I certainly didn’t know where the key to unlocking myself from my inner prison was. You too have choices, even when it feels like you don’t and that everything is happening to you. There is one universe, however, we each view the world differently. When I ask my clients the first 5 to 10 words that come to mind to describe the world, they will all be different answers. All unique to each individual’s life experiences and perspectives. We are all seeing a different world through our own lens.

What are the first 5 to 10 words that come to mind when you think of the world? Without thinking just top of the mind for you? Mine are healing, awakening, transformation, love, and peace.  These words you chose reflect back to yourself, your perspective, and the reality you create. Stress is perception-based and the way we think and feel depends on our attitude. 11 years ago, I may have said words like, unfair, painful, lonely, dark, empty, and hard.

It would be an understatement to say this pandemic has been stressful for those who have not begun their healing and transformation journey or are just beginning to step into their power.

Many people have experienced the loss of all kinds: loved ones, employment, even the routine of ordinary life. There is a wide range of methods to help you cope, but those are frequently band-aid solutions that cover up the real struggles. Even as we move into better, easier days, your problems can still linger if you aren’t healing the source of your troubles. We all have access to the light and power within, and for those of us who are at the final Ashramic stage in life, we are here for you! These 4 stages are listed below.

Whether you’re in the best or worst of times, I don’t want you to just cope or survive: I want you to heal and THRIVE!

In order to truly feel fulfilled and live wholeheartedly, a healthy mind is key.

These painful life experiences happen for us to grow. The way of living in survival mode all the time has caused illness, disease, anxiety, addictions, loneliness, stress, creating epidemics living in survival is dysfunctional. The old paradigm is dying out because we were dying out, and it takes something drastic and painful to create change. History is in the making of these unprecedented times, and when change and uncertainty occurs it’s all about what you do in the space, try to escape and numb or allow yourself to feel and go within to step into your healing power. The journey from surviving to thriving is through the spirit of healing and growth. The journey from our head to our heart and wisdom within.

There are 4 Ashramic stages of life:

  1. Growing up with the support of parents or caretakers learning skills and abilities.
  2. Using these skills to raise a family and community.
  3. Leaving possessions and tasks for inner wisdom.
  4. Returning to the community guiding and supporting others with the inner wisdom that we have attained.

Our worlds are constantly changing, and until we heal the scarcity mindset and develop learning the skills in life to thrive not just survive and cope we stay stuck, stressed, and unhealthy. You hold the key to experiencing an abundant, loving, peaceful, healthy, joyful, adventurous world as well. The first step is asking and reaching for guidance and support. No one gets to the top alone!

Here is a fun quiz to discover your top 2 needs and a sneak peek into what is holding you back from thriving.


You have the power within you to take your life to new heights for a whole new view!

I believe in you!

You are loved, and never alone.

Love, light, and healing.

“You are not broken, it’s just broken programming and it’s time you begin thriving that way.” ~Sonya