Power of Mushrooms

The power of mushrooms, the sometimes forgotten superfood! A big thank you to my Naturopath for introducing me to the magic in these bottles. I wanted to share these with you because I have had a lot of friends and clients ask me about making some help changes, wanting more focus and clarity and more energy.

There are many factors that affect our focus and energy, of course, however, these tinctures are a great tool and resource on your self-healing journey to wholehearted wellness.

Here is a little information on three powerful mushrooms.

Reishi supports your adrenals for bringing calmer and more balanced energy from stress reactions. It helps fight fatigue and increases heart health.

Lion’s Mane helps with focus, mental clarity, and memory. We are only as healthy as our mind and who couldn’t benefit from more brainpower on this journey to our unlimited potentials and becoming supernatural beings? Our mind truly is our medicine!

Cordyceps supports energy at a cellular level, reduces fatigue, and boosts the immune, known for also helping with anti-aging. A positive attitude reduces years of aging and stress is dependent on our attitude. Fatigue, lack of sleep, and rest of course impact our energy, which affects our attitude.

Whether you are going through a transition or crisis in life and needing adrenal support. Beginning your health and wellness journey of looking to add in new holistic healing tools, or maybe like me feel like you fell off the wagon a bit and looking to get yourself back on track with a healthy immune to bring yourself back to balance then these may be for you.
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Listen to the Living Unbroken Power to Heal Podcast here: Power of Mushrooms

I believe in you!
You are loved, and never alone.
Love, light, and healing