Author: Sonya Lyn

Wholehearted Hearing

Music has played such a huge role in my life, especially when I would feel a large hole from where all the love had been drained from. Music was always there to greet me wherever I was and whatever I was in the mood for. It would keep me company in misery or in joy. Endless varieties for every color of our vibe. These binaural beats now play throughout my home daily and during my client’s reiki sessions. What are binaural beats? When you hear two tones, one in each ear, that are slightly different in frequency, your brain processes a beat at the difference of the frequencies.

Whether you are feeling whole or not this is such a healing way that speaks to your heart and soul.  There are days when you may feel you need some rock and roll, or music to dance around your home naked, yeah I said it. When is the last time you just let loose and played light-heartedly free to just be? It’s freeing, but okay, if that’s pushing it, then when’s the last time you cranked the tunes and danced your heart out or sang loud enough to crack a mirror? You’re probably a wonderful singer, but you know what I mean, dancing and singing as if no one is watching! Or even better, not care when others are watching, now that’s true freedom, free to be you, the wholehearted unique and special you! In my yoga teacher training, the teachers had us sing the fullest expression loud and BOLD in the center of the circle with all of our peers, all eyes and ears on me while being coached to sing louder, bolder fuller. It was absolutely freeing to not give a “fuck” what anyone else thought!  You can handle everything because you already have, you are here!

“You are strong enough to face it all even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.”

No matter how you are feeling, you ARE worthy and never alone, even if you only step into bliss and joy for a few moments, you have the ability to change your state and increase your frequency to a higher vibe and healing state.  Out thoughts and words create our emotions and these healing tones will speak to you through your heart. 

What you are hearing and listening to matters, the words you speak to yourself and others are either healing or harmful. When you choose your music and words mindfully you can raise your vibrations even if only for a few. You are whole, no matter what challenges you are facing. “You are not broken and it’s time you begin thriving that way.” When transition leaves an empty hole to be filled, you are worthy and loved. It’s all about what we choose to fill it with and hear as we heal. I believe in you, love light, and healing hugs~Sonya

“Sometimes people can hunger for more than bread It is possible that our children, our husband, our wife, do not hunger for bread, do not need clothes, do not lack a house, but are we equally sure that none of them feels alone, abandoned, neglected, needing some affection?” Mother Theresa


To listen and tune into the Power to Heal Podcast click below: Remember, what you say and listen to matters and you have the power to heal yourself whole. xo

Power of Mushrooms

The power of mushrooms, the sometimes forgotten superfood! A big thank you to my Naturopath for introducing me to the magic in these bottles. I wanted to share these with you because I have had a lot of friends and clients ask me about making some help changes, wanting more focus and clarity and more energy.

There are many factors that affect our focus and energy, of course, however, these tinctures are a great tool and resource on your self-healing journey to wholehearted wellness.

Here is a little information on three powerful mushrooms.

Reishi supports your adrenals for bringing calmer and more balanced energy from stress reactions. It helps fight fatigue and increases heart health.

Lion’s Mane helps with focus, mental clarity, and memory. We are only as healthy as our mind and who couldn’t benefit from more brainpower on this journey to our unlimited potentials and becoming supernatural beings? Our mind truly is our medicine!

Cordyceps supports energy at a cellular level, reduces fatigue, and boosts the immune, known for also helping with anti-aging. A positive attitude reduces years of aging and stress is dependent on our attitude. Fatigue, lack of sleep, and rest of course impact our energy, which affects our attitude.

Whether you are going through a transition or crisis in life and needing adrenal support. Beginning your health and wellness journey of looking to add in new holistic healing tools, or maybe like me feel like you fell off the wagon a bit and looking to get yourself back on track with a healthy immune to bring yourself back to balance then these may be for you.
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Listen to the Living Unbroken Power to Heal Podcast here: Power of Mushrooms

I believe in you!
You are loved, and never alone.
Love, light, and healing

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

I remember when I was taking some time to decide if I should adopt a puppy that stole my heart on my last 2-mile training run before my Big Sur trail marathon. I stopped along the way and asked if I could pet her black and white puppy. Stopping to smell the roses so to speak, well for me puppy breath. I always loved the soft warm smell of puppy breath, I have no shame to say so! As soon as the response, “I am only fostering him” hit my ears, the one mile run back felt like a half marathon. I was praying he would still be out there for one more pet, I mean sniff.  I was in LOVE, true puppy love, I fell hard and fast.

My rational/logical mind was racing as if I were already on the trails in Big Sur for the 26 miles about the part lab and part Pitt Bull ball of love. As I drove home from my daughter’s soccer game I was sure not to share with her until I took the space to decide 100%. Deep in thought, I took a deep breath and I allowed the universe to help a mother out. As I looked in front of the brake lights of the car in front of me I read the license plate. PUPPYLV, I looked to my left in question as if someone was there to see my expression to read a street sign say, Labrador Lane if that wasn’t enough of an answer I was pulled to glance to the right where a white van to a painting company in a driveway read PITBULL PAINTING!  Well, there’s your sign, I laughed, yes I signed the papers and our family had a new member and I had a new running buddy!

I have many stories like this, we are all connected, and when we are open to receiving the universe provides. Our bodies speak to us and provide messages as to what needs healing at a deeper level than the physical ailment. Those are symptoms from our emotions talking to us.  I remember when I almost bought a used Toyota Celica, I really wanted it, but I couldn’t sleep that night, I had anxiety, well duh that was a sign. Our gut speaks to us and is known to be the second brain.

Because the enteric nervous system ENS relies on the same type of neurons and neurotransmitters that are found in the central nervous system, some medical experts call it our “second brain.” The “second brain” in our gut, in communication with the brain in our head, plays a key role in certain diseases and illnesses in our bodies and in our overall mental health. There is a “superhighway” between the brain and GI system that holds great sway over humans. The solar plexus area and heart chakra energy systems are very common areas in my clients with stuck energy that are getting in their way of healing until we get to the emotional heart of the matter.

A primal connection exists between our brain and our gut. You know that “gut feeling” when we meet someone for the first time or a dog in this case. We’re told to “trust our gut instinct” when making a difficult decision or that it’s “gut check time” when faced with a situation that tests our nerve and determination.  Since our brain and gut are connected by an extensive network of neurons and a highway of chemicals and hormones that constantly provide feedback about how hungry we are, whether or not we’re experiencing stress. That sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach about buying that car is an example of the brain-gut connection at work. You’re stressed and your gut knows it—immediately.

Think of when you have a stomach ache or your child does, it’s a sign of something else going on, a stress reaction.

There is also talk of the heart being our second brain and the gut the 3rd.  Where do you feel many of your emotions? In your heart, and like I said in the gut, all of these energies centers, and our three brains. All of these brains, the mind-body-spirit connection is the way to whole-body, wholehearted healing, because they provide us the signs we are looking for beyond our physical body into our etheric, spiritual, mental, and energy bodies.

I attached my Numerology Power of Numbers Podcast below to hear more about the synchronicities and meanings behind the numbers that are signs for us as well.

Of course, I cannot forget about all the signs we receive from our loved ones who have passed from the physical form to only their spiritual energy. The honoring of our loved one’s souls and signs deserve a Podcast and Blog on their own, so will just end here for now with this, when you are open, you will receive. They are always with you, and may you have peace by experiencing the sign you’ve been looking for. I have beautiful stories and have heard such incredible stories. More on this in my next blog along with some resources about the signs and hellos we receive from heaven.

Love, light, and healing

Healing Love

Healing Love

Why don’t you always heal?  Consciously you want something, yet your actions do something else. Who can relate to wanting to stop doing something that is unhealthy for you such as drinking, smoking, overeating, too much TV, or social media-but we do it anyway. Or even destroy a relationship to prevent from getting hurt. This is self-sabotage and sometimes there is also a secondary gain.
Self-sabotage is the end result of a person’s lack of self-worth and low self-esteem. The United States is flooded with low self-esteem, many are so busy being human doings building confidence or believing that we must be doing something to be special, loved, or liked that it doesn’t feel safe for many to just be. Self-esteem comes from being. Feeling safe to just be without always doing helps with self-esteem. Many of my clients and others around me are continually trying to fill every second to prevent the feelings that arise when they are still. It was a practice to feel safe by doing less, you can actually receive more by doing less!
When I had lunch with Dr. Eben Alexander a neurosurgeon at a near-death Experience conference in Seattle I asked him if he still meditated 2 hours a day. I couldn’t fathom that back then. His answer was at least 1 hour a day at that point in his life. Now I understand and meditate between 1 to 2 hours myself.
Did you know that meditating or visualization 1 hour a day can be as productive as 7 hours of doing? Powerful right?
When I ask “What is the benefit of sabotaging _____in your life?” The answer will then lead to the topic of secondary gain. A hidden benefit to the self-sabotage and not healing an aspect of your life.
Our beliefs create our thoughts, our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions show up in our biology which creates the action/result. Healing is always spiritual, it’s deeper than the physical symptom, it’s about the energy behind it. We are multi-dimensional and it takes a whole-body healing approach. When we shift from the logical rational mind and shift to our heart center, and our soul healing can begin. We need a balance of the left and right brain and an open mind to the possibility of something beyond our physical eye. You can’t see gravity, yet it’s real and so is self-healing when the blocks in our energy system are removed! Healing love takes opening up our heart chakra energy center and breaking through our fears. There is fear or there or love and you are worthy of unconditional love and a life full of health! Putting bandaids on our physical symptoms doesn’t get to the root source of what needs healing and our challenges are issues of our heart, and in order to heal, we must be willing to let go of what made us sick.
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Healing the Heart of the matter Podcast episode.
I believe in you!
You are loved, and never alone.
Love. light, and healing
Sonya Lyn

Step into Your Power

You Are the Hero on Your Healing Journey

When you feel knocked down by life, it can feel like everything is happening to you. You may think nothing is fair, or think you’ve tried everything and still feel hopeless or even angry and bitter about the emotional or physical pain you are experiencing. Maybe you want to scream from the rooftop for everyone to hear and understand. I used to think everything was happening to me, I’d wonder why me? Why now, why again, why is life so hard, this isn’t fun, I don’t want to play like this anymore, I’m not strong enough to carry this two-ton sack off my shoulders, why can’t someone just come and take this away?

I just wanted to fill that sac up with helium and send it out up into the sky for the world to handle, that was if I wasn’t so mad at the world for all the challenges it continued to dump into my sac as if I were a trash bag. I may have looked like Santa with rosy cheeks, my out of shape self hunched over from the weight of the world I was carrying, but I was not, I was Mrs. Claus maybe, but little did I know that the two-ton sac was filled with gifts. The universe was sending me messages and signs to do something different so I would attract different results into my life. The angrier I got, the more I would attract these life experiences/ situations into my life to learn and grow from.

My body and life situations were talking to me, but I wasn’t listening. I was too busy trying to be heard and blame. I was afraid of the stillness and quiet, I ran from it as if a mamma bear with cubs was glaring me in the face with her claws ready to attack. The unknown and uncertainty was territory I detested, I would continue to step back into familiar territory, the safe zone, well so I thought. My comfort zone and addiction to certainty were the chains that held me back.

It was sabotaging me from taking steps forward and breaking the cycle that was attracting the same experiences and lessons over and over again. I held the power to break the chains and create a new life beyond insanity, I just didn’t know it, because I felt so powerless. You only know what you know and when the Triple D’s come knocking at your doors such as divorce, death, or disease, it can undoubtedly drop you to your knees from emotional and physical pain that you have never experienced. Any transition, such as an empty nest, or retirement can suddenly leave a void as if the ground beneath you gave out without any warning sign. Although many times the signs are there, I just avoided or ignored them.

Know that you are not alone, there are two options here to stay powerless and to run from the pain or step into your healing journey and discover how to embrace the adventure that uncertainty brings with grace from your true power and potentials. I’d resist and kick and scream causing more harm to myself and those around me, the belief that fighting was the way to receive and achieve what I wanted created breakdown in my body, it caused illness and disease, and was hurting those around me. When we are stressed, so are our children, and when we are calm and balanced we create a safe place for them to just be as well. Children don’t do as we say, they do as they see.

Your journey and adventure await you, all the freedom and peace you desire is on the other side of fear, illness, and the chains holding you back in the so-called comfort zone. When you learn to become comfortable in this discomfort, you experience a whole new world beyond what you could have imagined. There is nothing comfortable about carrying the weight of the world around on your shoulders and sleepwalking through life with chains tied to your past.  You have the power to take the next step forward and focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. A healthy, abundant, adventurous, creative life full of love, passion, and purpose awaits.

I believe in you!

You are loved, and never alone

Love, light, and healing


Power to Heal Yourself Podcast:

When Our World Turns In a Blink

Who knew our world could change so quickly? I sure did, this wasn’t a foreign concept to me or many others. If you’d been through a divorce, a disease, a crisis, or a tragic death and loss, as a result, well your world was turned upside down in a blink of an eye too.

These reminders of how life can change overnight are around us every day. This pandemic of course has brought growth, healing, and evolution to the fast track. There is very little you do have control over, yet you do create your own reality. You can discover the other choices that have always been available to you. True safety actually came from letting go of control.

Before I began my healing and spiritual journey, I was stressed out to the max, you could make a wig with the amount of my hair that covered the bathroom floor and drain each day. Change and uncertainty were like crazy gluing me to my survival instincts causing me to try to control everything around me rather than what I could control, therefore getting sick, and nothing seemed to be going my way.

One minute I was a wife and a mom in a family of 5 with a steady paycheck. I was a caregiver, I took care of the home the children, pets, errands,  and my husband. Notice, I didn’t say myself. Self-love and care, hmm I had never heard of that. Anyway, the next day, I was a single mom, uneducated, with 3 young children, 3 pets, and no job, or income. I felt as if I was hung upside down, my legs were tied with no escape, I was scared, alone, and lost. I didn’t know why or how for a very long time until I stepped into my power.

I could only see 1 perspective and it was anything but pretty since I only knew what I knew after all, and I certainly didn’t know where the key to unlocking myself from my inner prison was. You too have choices, even when it feels like you don’t and that everything is happening to you. There is one universe, however, we each view the world differently. When I ask my clients the first 5 to 10 words that come to mind to describe the world, they will all be different answers. All unique to each individual’s life experiences and perspectives. We are all seeing a different world through our own lens.

What are the first 5 to 10 words that come to mind when you think of the world? Without thinking just top of the mind for you? Mine are healing, awakening, transformation, love, and peace.  These words you chose reflect back to yourself, your perspective, and the reality you create. Stress is perception-based and the way we think and feel depends on our attitude. 11 years ago, I may have said words like, unfair, painful, lonely, dark, empty, and hard.

It would be an understatement to say this pandemic has been stressful for those who have not begun their healing and transformation journey or are just beginning to step into their power.

Many people have experienced the loss of all kinds: loved ones, employment, even the routine of ordinary life. There is a wide range of methods to help you cope, but those are frequently band-aid solutions that cover up the real struggles. Even as we move into better, easier days, your problems can still linger if you aren’t healing the source of your troubles. We all have access to the light and power within, and for those of us who are at the final Ashramic stage in life, we are here for you! These 4 stages are listed below.

Whether you’re in the best or worst of times, I don’t want you to just cope or survive: I want you to heal and THRIVE!

In order to truly feel fulfilled and live wholeheartedly, a healthy mind is key.

These painful life experiences happen for us to grow. The way of living in survival mode all the time has caused illness, disease, anxiety, addictions, loneliness, stress, creating epidemics living in survival is dysfunctional. The old paradigm is dying out because we were dying out, and it takes something drastic and painful to create change. History is in the making of these unprecedented times, and when change and uncertainty occurs it’s all about what you do in the space, try to escape and numb or allow yourself to feel and go within to step into your healing power. The journey from surviving to thriving is through the spirit of healing and growth. The journey from our head to our heart and wisdom within.

There are 4 Ashramic stages of life:

  1. Growing up with the support of parents or caretakers learning skills and abilities.
  2. Using these skills to raise a family and community.
  3. Leaving possessions and tasks for inner wisdom.
  4. Returning to the community guiding and supporting others with the inner wisdom that we have attained.

Our worlds are constantly changing, and until we heal the scarcity mindset and develop learning the skills in life to thrive not just survive and cope we stay stuck, stressed, and unhealthy. You hold the key to experiencing an abundant, loving, peaceful, healthy, joyful, adventurous world as well. The first step is asking and reaching for guidance and support. No one gets to the top alone!

Here is a fun quiz to discover your top 2 needs and a sneak peek into what is holding you back from thriving.

You have the power within you to take your life to new heights for a whole new view!

I believe in you!

You are loved, and never alone.

Love, light, and healing.

“You are not broken, it’s just broken programming and it’s time you begin thriving that way.” ~Sonya

Why is there so much pain?

Make it stop! Who enjoys pain? I know I sure don’t, and my survival instincts would kick in faster than I could say go. You are wired to want to avoid pain, it’s actually not so much about seeking pleasure as is it to avoid and run away from the pain,  or numb or hide. Fight or flight is meant to protect you and keep you alive and safe, however, most of your stresses are not life or death. Change and uncertainty do not always mean you are not safe. In an attempt to avoid feeling discomfort or pain we distract ourselves even when it costs us our goals, values, health, and relationships.

You can become addicted to painful emotions, and the world is full of distractions. Of course the phone and computer, however, if you are blaming the big corporations and devices, then you’re not taking responsibility for your actions. Distractions have always been here and are not going away.  Sugar, food, television, calling people, sex, drugs, alcohol, well alcohol is a drug, there will always be distractions to not feel.  You can overdo anything or become obsessed with anything. The root of the problem is the feeling that takes place prior to the distraction.

It’s sabotaging you from reaching new heights to feel and experience love, connection peace, freedom, and joy!  Pain is inevitable, whether it’s emotional or physical the pain is a message for you. The question is how loud does it have to become before you listen? I know it sure as hell doesn’t feel like a gift., and pain doesn’t show it’s head wrapped in a bow or with adorable big eyes, it comes in hard, sometimes knocking your ass to the ground, turning you upside down or inside out. I remember rocking uncontrollably on the couch in a fetal position in complete powerlessness. It can feel as if someone ripped your heart out, threw it on the ground to burn before stepping all over it before putting the fire out. The list goes on and on and on. We all experience pain, but why?

Well, would you go seeking to disrupt your flow of life on your own? Not intentionally, never would I have asked to go through rock bottom and dark night of the soul. No way in hell! I must admit though, every struggle became my strength. The saying “no pain, no gain” goes beyond the physical. It applies to emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. I found my superpowers to heal myself and soar to new heights. Pain has a purpose, just as you do too. It’s about what you do in the space, do you allow yourself to feel it to get through it or avoid it at ALL costs? When I was stuck in the rearview mirror, and life isn’t going that way, it was costing me a lot and in order to heal, I needed to feel. You don’t have to do it alone!

The world as you knew it no longer exists, it’s the fall of what was and rebirth to something new and greater. We were dying out as a society and causing harm to the universe as well.

You are not crazy, but your mind is. Chronic physical pain is a symptom of emotional pain and unhealed trauma. Emotions are energy in motion, and stuck emotions become energy stuck in our body. Are you sitting down? What you are about to hear may come as a shock to what you’ve been told and your current belief system. Unforgiveness to others who have caused you pain or to yourself for the pain you have caused others is always behind cancer. Prevention is mental and emotional health. This constant stress of being in flight or flight turns your good genes off, your past affects your biology. We are human and we have all caused pain to others and without healing, you cause more pain to yourself. It can cost you, your health, your goals, and much more. There are 11 other healing categories besides unforgiveness.  Subscribe to this blog and receive that list as a free gift.

This pain is here to teach you, I do not wish it on anyone, however, if you take forward steps to your healing journey, you can stop staring in the rearview mirror, because there is no past other than the stored memories at a cellular level. There is now, time of healing the heart of the struggle, it becomes your strength, and your power, you discover your authentic self, your passions and live with purpose! I did not go knocking on doors asking for the painful experiences I went through, they did all happen for me though. The falls of the world as you knew it may be causing some intense pain to the surface because of the fast-evolving paradigm shift to self-development and study to raise your consciousness and transform from surviving to thriving!

Join the Journey: LivingUnbroken® Podcast below:

I believe in you!

You are loved, and never alone

Love, light, and healing






Essential Component to Happy Relationships

Have you ever had a partner hurt you?

Do you have needs that your loved one doesn’t meet? Do you feel depressed, angry or resentful towards someone you care about? Are you hungry/starving to fill a void in your life and have a need desperatly met?

Forgiveness is an essential component of any happy relationship. It is inevitable that people will make mistakes but it is essential to know when and how to forgive. It is natural for a loved one who has been wronged or hurt to develop resentment that can fester for many years and ruin the chance for any happiness. Yet if the resentful party values the marriage more than being right and more than being angry, they can find the love and compassion that make forgiveness possible.

Infidelity is one of the most hurtful mistakes that a married person can make. Sexual infidelity is an attack on the sacredness of marriage, on its essence. Yet infidelity is always a joint effort. The spouse who has been wronged needs to understand what they have contributed to the other spouse’s infidelity. No one is unfaithful to a spouse who satisfies all of their Six Human Needs. Are you blaming someone else for your unhappiness? If you are feeling wronged by a loved one find out if you are truly satisfying the other’s 6 Human Needs!

1. CERTAINTY – Certainty that we can be comfortable – to have pleasure and avoid pain. Code words for certainty are comfort, security, safety, stability, feeling grounded, predictability and protection.

2. UNCERTAINTY/VARIETY – Variety and challenges that exercise our emotional and physical range. Our bodies, our minds, our emotional well-being all require uncertainty, exercise, suspense, variety and surprise. Code words for Uncertainty/Variety are instability, change, entertainment, suspense, exertion and surprise.

3. SIGNIFICANCE – Every person needs to feel special, important, needed and wanted. Code words for Significance are pride, importance, achievement, performance, perfection, evaluation, discipline and competition.

4. CONNECTION/LOVE – Everyone needs Connection with other human beings, and everyone strives for and hopes for Love. Code words for Connection/Love are togetherness, passion, unity, warmth, tenderness and romance.

5. GROWTH – Everything is either growing or dying. We need to constantly develop emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

6. CONTRIBUTION – We all desire to go beyond our own needs and give to others. Everything in the universe contributes beyond itself or is eliminated.

When partners find it difficult to forgive and are withholding love, affection or support, they need to open their heart and find the love and compassion that make it possible to forgive.

The infidelity is usually a symptom of a much larger issue that underlies the relationship and that needs to be addressed.


5 Step Process in Attracting the “Right” Person for YOU!

5 Step Process in Attracting the “Right” Person for YOU!

Ever wonder how compatible you are with someone your dating? Do you ever question how compatible you are with  who you are in a relationship with now? If you don’t know your ideal image of who you are looking for then how will you know? People will treat you how you allow them to. If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there. When you learn what energy you are putting out into the universe you will understand how to attract more of what you want and how.  The truth is: The key to a lasting relationship is understanding, patience and love.  If you don’t understand yourself, how would you be able to understand others.   The 1st step in attracting the relationships you desire is to raise your awareness on your core energy level and how you are actually coming across to others, understand  and even shift some of your values. The 2nd step is to breakthrough your energy blocks that hold you back from your true potential and successful relationships and learn healthy self-love. The 3rd step is to practice raising your energy level to attract positive into your life. The 4th step is to gain clarity on the vision who and what you want. When you ask you receive. What are you sub consciously asking for? 5th step is to begin to attract that ideal person into your life.

What is important to you in a relationship? Compatibility is nice of course however opposites attract. What really keeps a lasting high energy relationship? There’s much more than both liking bike riding.

Understanding and awareness! Learning the love language for yourself and loved one, understanding each others needs and values. Your strengths and weaknesses, your best self and how you show up under stress and conflict. We are complicated beings and no 2 people will just click and last without effort from both parties, understanding, patience and love. So if your dates and relationships are not what success looks and feels like to you, it makes sense. You’re not alone and I can help!

If you are ready to stop living the definition of insanity “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I would love to help you attract a healthy loving relationship, it starts with YOU!

Do You Love Yourself?


February, the month of love. There is fear or there is love.  Love is just as important and special every moment and every month. It can also hurt. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. “I love you”what does it mean? You care about them, you have feelings for them and they are important and special to you? Maybe you want the best for them. Do you “need ” them? Do you show and give love when you want something in return? Do you think love is 50-50, where the other person will have their needs met when yours are? Do you pull  your love away from others when you get angry and hurt? How about the other way around? What experiences do you have with giving and receiving love? Selfish, conditional, or unconditional?

There are THREE levels of Love:

Selfish Love:

Conditional Love:

Unconditional Love:

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Doing for yourself and loving yourself first can cause feelings of guilt for some of us. It feels good to care for and help others.  There’s so much love to give, however relationships often fail because we don’t love ourselves enough. Think of the airplane example, we are told to put oxygen masks on ourselves first, before our loved ones or others. We cannot properly love or take care of others  if we don’t love and care for ourselves first.  Imagine some of those voices in your head that say “oh, I’m so stupid” I could never do that” I am not good enough, thin enough, tall enough ect..” We would go to jail for talking to others the way we talk to ourselves.” Conditional love does NOT mean tolerating poor emotional or physical behavior. When you love and value yourself, you don’t come from a place of need. You know how to meet your own needs, therefor setting healthy boundaries.

I challenge you to practice telling yourself…

“I LOVE YOU” in the mirror 3 times  each time before or after you brush our teeth. Yes, to yourself and your body, just the way you are!

Accept ALL of yourself, it comes from within! Many of us are not taught self love, so we try to seek it from outside sources.

LOVE: An intense feeling of deep satisfaction

Quote: The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself

Resourse:  Relax You’re Already Perfect   ….. by Bruce D. Schneider PH.D