Could you spot a Narcissist? Here are 11 of their spots.

Does this sound like you or maybe someone you know? Narcissistic personality disorder is on the rise and it’s important to know. If any of these traits apply, you may have a Narcissist to close for comfort.

1. Lack of empathy, inability to see from others perspective. Lacks compassion for others feelings or needs.

2. Jealous of others and thinks others are jealous as well.

3. Constant need for admiration.

4. Lives in a “I win” world. Takes advantage of others to meet their own needs.

5. Expresses a grandiose sense of self and lifestyle.

6. Power, controlling and manipulative behaviors over others.

7. Doesn’t trust others because they are not trustworthy themselves.

8.  Sense of arrogance with egotistical behaviors and attitudes.

9.  Judging others and always justifying it.

10. Plays the blame game without ever taking responsibility for their own actions, reactions or poor behavior.

11. Conditional so called “love”.  Trade off mentality.

Spoting and understanding these traits are the 1st step.  Setting boundaries and learning if you need to create a no contact plan is the 2nd step. If you have been beating your head against a wall and this could possibly be the missing puzzle piece, rest assured you’re not crazy and it’s NOT you! With my Freedom from Narcissism program, you will free yourself from the pain, doubt, anxiety and fear. You will gain confidence, self – esteem and feel REAL love. Love should NEVER be conditional. If you see some of these traits in yourself, you’re also in the right place to learn why these actions have protected you in the past and how to feel good about thanking them and letting them go to heal your past and give yourself and others true love!