Photo of Sonya practicing shamanic breathwork with dreamcatcher in foreground

Shamanic Breathwork Journey

April 21st, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm
Blossom Yoga Concord, NH

Shamanic breathwork is a transformative practice rooted in ancient traditions that harness the power of intentional breathing to access altered states of consciousness. Drawing inspiration from shamanic rituals and indigenous wisdom, this powerful technique offers a unique and profound journey into the realms of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual exploration.

The Essence of Shamanic Breathwork: At its core, shamanic breathwork involves rhythmic and intentional breathing to induce an altered state of consciousness. This method is often accompanied by evocative music, creating a conducive environment for deep introspection and spiritual exploration. While the specifics of the practice may vary, the underlying principle involves utilizing the breath as a tool to access higher states of awareness, connecting with the inner self and the spiritual dimensions.

Shamanic breathwork is renowned for its therapeutic potential. The altered state provides a unique opportunity for individuals to confront and release stored emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs. Participants often describe a cathartic release, leading to a sense of liberation and profound healing. The integration phase, which follows the breathwork journey, is crucial for anchoring the insights gained into everyday life, fostering lasting transformation and personal growth.