Cacao and Breathwork Ceremony

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As a dedicated  Breathwork Practitioner, Sonya is experienced in guiding gentle and  transformative journeys,  allowing you a profound experience. Liberating trapped energy and emotions, she assimilated profound lessons, ultimately arriving at a heart-centered space. Inspired by this personal transformation, she received the message to facilitate similar healing experiences for others.


To attune to the breath is to attune to the soul’s voice—the language of love, the essence of the heart. Physiologically, Breathwork invites increased oxygen flow, creating a spacious channel for energy to circulate. By relinquishing control, we allow the body’s wisdom to flow freely, effortlessly releasing pent-up emotions and trauma.

Sonya has wonderful feedback since recently curated a compelling offering that combines Cacao and Breathwork, promising heightened clarity, heart expansion, and rejuvenation. The synergistic power of Cacao and Breathwork acts as a catalyst, elevating our internal state and awakening the heart and soul. The Spirit of Cacao encourages a heart-centered drop, while Breathwork opens every aspect, purging the body, heart, and mind.

Each session involves a ceremonial Cacao gathering, themed discussions inspired by Sonya’s teachings from her mentors, the setting of powerful intentions, and communal Breathwork experiences. Beau, ensuring a secure online and energetic space, unites participants in a purposeful and connected journey into their hearts.