Online Group Breathwork Session

3rd Tuesday of every month 6:30 to 7:45 pm EST
1st Sunday of every month 11 am EST


$44 / Couple
$33 / 1 person


Community and accountability from the comfort of your home.

Why online breathwork?

Why online breathwork? We all have “stuff,” and what the majority of us are unaware of is that we’ve been storing it (pressing it down) in our bodies, where it manifests itself in inconvenient and ugly ways. Occasionally, it manifests as a health problem. We now understand that stress contributes to the development of heart disease, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems, among other things…

What if I told you there is a breathing technique that can help you release all of your stored negative emotional baggage? Not only that, but you will experience a sense of release during the first session. Emotions are kinetic energy that becomes trapped and stored at the cellular level. Unquestionably, the profound and powerful results that follow will be undeniable. It’s an experience that leaves many people wanting more, one that you want to share with others and have them experience it for themselves. The only way to truly comprehend is to experience it.

This Experience is just as powerful online

When people are at home in their safe space, it is easier for them to let go of their belongings.
You may remain seated and take in the payoff for as long as you wish.
There is nothing else nearby to divert your attention.
Through your headphones or speakers, I will personally coach you.
You are not required to drive following the event.
This is something that we all require urgently at the moment.

How to prepare:

  • Download Zoom
  • Headphones are not required but will enhance your experience if solo or if with other people connect to an external speaker
  • Set up a space to lay down a yoga mat, a blanket, a bed, I’ve had people on hotel floors
  • Sign in with your name and location on the zoom chat, we have attendees from all around the world.
  • An eye mask, a bandana or washcloth to cover your eyes allowing yourself to let go
  • A blanket for possible temperature change
  • It’s best to stop liquid intake 30 minutes before to not have to get up and interrupt your experience, also just have something light to eat breathwork works best when your stomach isn’t too full.

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