These are available for scheduling online or in-person individually or as a series that includes all four.

Upcoming Workshops

90-minute workshops available online or in-person

These are ideal for yoga studios or in schools for a deeper understanding of why we do what we do, how to heal ourselves, and to learn self-leadership skills and tools. This is what is not taught in schools or at home and is essential for transforming from surviving to thriving.

Power to Heal

Healing the heart of the matter

Learn the 12 categories of healing and a gentle technique for self-healing along with two powerful heart meditations – one for you and one for others. All issues are issues of our heart. Discover the #1 area that needs healing along with your strengths.

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Why You do What You do?

Human Need Psychology

Discover what’s holding you back from feeling free and fulfilled. Set yourself free from unwanted behaviors by understanding yourself and your loved one’s behaviors, why you each do what you do. Create new freeing rules that no longer limit you. The transformation from surviving to thriving.

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Tapping into Personal Peace

Tapping into your personal peace through EFT. Blockages in our energy system hold us back from accessing peace, love and joy.
Learn EFT and what it can do for your life. Free yourself from painful emotions.

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Love Leadership

Raising your consciousness and AAA Automatic Abundance Attractor

The best leaders make love a priority.
The journey from your head to your heart and spirit. You don’t have to wait for adversity divorce, death, or disease to uncover your unlimited potentials and lead yourself and others to intuition, creativity, and passion. Uncover your blind spots with this mirror image of what’s working for you and against you. Why your life and relationships and your health are not healing and how to do so.

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