M.A.T. Energy Healing Sessions

You are the hero on your healing journey, and

You have the power to heal yourself when you get to the heart of the matter.




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What is M.A.T Healing?

The M.A.T process is a gentle, yet highly effective method that enables you to let go of pain, whether that be emotional, physical, or psychological, and allows your body to heal itself using its own abilities.

We’re unable to complete the natural trauma cycle when we hold onto the anguish that we may have experienced in childhood, adult life, or through ancestry. The body’s own ability to heal itself has been repressed and so we adapt and accept the negative emotional, physical, psychological effects on our mind and body. We then live with a constant burden that we’ve simply gotten used to carrying, meaning the body and mind are unable to fully recover and heal. We form unhealthy attachments to the past, and increased fear and reluctance to let go.

M.A.T will remind the body how to complete the cycle and reset so you no longer feel burdened by old stress and pain. The programming is there, ready to be accessed but it’s been neglected and forgotten. We simply need to awaken it to allow for healing and no longer let the damage control you.

The outcome is peace for the mind and body, freeing you from the negative impact of the trauma.

Why M.A.T Healing?

In this 75-minute session, we’ll be working together to discover what blocks are in your way, limiting beliefs that create self-sabotaging behaviors, past trauma that’s preventing you from moving forward, the root causes, and resolutions to the challenges that are holding you back from being the abundant and authentic you that you truly deserve to be.

Don’t worry, we won’t need to delve into painful memories as often these can be less than accurate, however, we will be exploring emotions and sourcing fundamental solutions that will allow you gently release any trauma you may be holding onto. This allows you to truly heal, and thrive in your world.

M.A.T also allows for quick release, unlike other trauma therapies which can take months or years of hard work. You’ll experience letting go within minutes or even seconds when M.A.T is applied.

Papering over the cracks only serves for so long before the weight of the root cause manifests in problematic and often uncontrollable ways. Often we let our subconscious take control and find it hard to emerge from the dark place in which we find ourselves. There is a better way. In order to truly heal, the root cause needs to be identified (and it’s unique for everyone). And so you need a unique method of healing.

  • Emotional Healing
  • Physical Healing
  • Womb Healing
  • Ancestral Clearing
  • Addiction Healing
  • Divorce/Breakup Healing

You are the hero on your healing journey and you have the power to heal yourself.

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