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Healing Love

Healing Love
Why don’t you always heal?  Consciously you want something, yet your actions do something else. Who can relate to wanting to stop doing something that is unhealthy for you such as drinking, smoking, overeating, too much TV, or social media-but we do it anyway. Or even destroy a relationship to prevent from getting hurt. This is self-sabotage and sometimes there is also a secondary gain.
Self-sabotage is the end result of a person’s lack of self-worth and low self-esteem. The United States is flooded with low self-esteem, many are so busy being human doings building confidence or believing that we must be doing something to be special, loved, or liked that it doesn’t feel safe for many to just be. Self-esteem comes from being. Feeling safe to just be without always doing helps with self-esteem. Many of my clients and others around me are continually trying to fill every second to prevent the feelings that arise when they are still. It was a practice to feel safe by doing less, you can actually receive more by doing less!
When I had lunch with Dr. Eben Alexander a neurosurgeon at a near-death Experience conference in Seattle I asked him if he still meditated 2 hours a day. I couldn’t fathom that back then. His answer was at least 1 hour a day at that point in his life. Now I understand and meditate between 1 to 2 hours myself.
Did you know that meditating or visualization 1 hour a day can be as productive as 7 hours of doing? Powerful right?
When I ask “What is the benefit of sabotaging _____in your life?” The answer will then lead to the topic of secondary gain. A hidden benefit to the self-sabotage and not healing an aspect of your life.
Our beliefs create our thoughts, our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions show up in our biology which creates the action/result. Healing is always spiritual, it’s deeper than the physical symptom, it’s about the energy behind it. We are multi-dimensional and it takes a whole-body healing approach. When we shift from the logical rational mind and shift to our heart center, and our soul healing can begin. We need a balance of the left and right brain and an open mind to the possibility of something beyond our physical eye. You can’t see gravity, yet it’s real and so is self-healing when the blocks in our energy system are removed! Healing love takes opening up our heart chakra energy center and breaking through our fears. There is fear or there or love and you are worthy of unconditional love and a life full of health! Putting bandaids on our physical symptoms doesn’t get to the root source of what needs healing and our challenges are issues of our heart, and in order to heal, we must be willing to let go of what made us sick.
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I believe in you!
You are loved, and never alone.
Love. light, and healing
Sonya Lyn

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